Why We Are Here

Why we are here

What’s happening in Asian countries​

Almost all Asian countries are still patriarchal in many aspects of their societies. Although progress has been made in the last half a century to improve women’s rights and gender equality, particularly in state legislations and policies, there remains many areas in which they are still failing to keep pace with Western democratic nations.

Women's roles
in developing countries

Traditionally entrenched roles, attitudes and stereotypes often trap women in poverty, make them targets of discrimination and restrict their access to health services, education and justice systems. In extreme cases, women and girls continue to face previous violations of their human rights, such as gender-based violence, harassment and human-trafficking.

Other areas where women suffer from under representations are in businesses, senior professional positions and most notably in political decision-making. 

What women need?

& Empowerment !

MS Women Club is founded with the aim to improve the general situation of women in the region by providing them with vocational education, awareness of their human rights and thus helping them to make their own ways in the world.

We are as a part of a global movement of awakening women’s self-worth and gender-equality. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to educate and raise awareness of the issues. Not just in the general sense but specifically educating the victims gender discrimination and raising their own awareness - women who are unaware of their rights cannot claim them.