Show your Love to the greatest Woman in the World – Your Lovely Mum

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Show your Love to the greatest Woman in the World – Your Lovely Mum

If you’re reading this article there is an about 50% chance you would recognize mother’s day as this Sunday, the second day of May. Have you ever wondered how this all started?

During the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War the nation was once again united, yet somewhat divided by sorrow on both sides of the bloody fields that fathers and sons, from both the Union and the Confederate, gave their lives.

The Mother’s Work Day, first started in wartime Virginia by mothers on both sides to heal bullet wounds, became popular as a healing hand to heal wounds from sorrow. Among the mothers were young Anna Marie Jarvis, who did not only contribute her life for the cause but also raising her daughter, Ann Reeves Jarvis.

Upon Anna’s death on May 9, 1905, In a nation now bonded again, Ann became active, even obsessive to push for a national recognition of a day for the mothers who played fundamental roles in America’s reunite.

And so three year later, on the second Sunday of May, the first mother’s day memorial ceremony was held in Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church, Virginia, where the International Mother’s Day Shrine now stands.

While that is the story for half of the world, if you belong to the other 50%, chances are the day may be 8 March the international woman’s day, the 1st Sunday of May, the last Sunday of May, the spring equinox or… just about any day in the year for all sorts of reasons.

But no matter where you are from or whatever the exact day is for you, remember there is something we could all agree, as Anna Jarvis put it, your mother is

“the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”

Show your gratitude 😉

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