《MS Women Club 豐盛彩虹慈善月餅班》圓滿完成!

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《MS Women Club 豐盛彩虹慈善月餅班》圓滿完成!

當日天公造美,雨後放晴,我們一眾MS Women 在溫暖的日光照射下,渡過了美好的一天。參加者好有創意!看著作品,尤如走進童話世界。

感謝美女廚師蜜兒(Mab Mak) Mab kitchen 蜜兒廚房用心指導我們做可愛的潮式月餅,以及一眾善心、有活力、有創意的參加者,有些還是遠到由澳門過來參與呢!我們亦很感謝Tasty Veggie 嚐聚素食,為是次工作坊借出場地。

我們MS Women Club,會繼續為大家籌備不同的活動,讓大家可以學習之餘,又能為有需要人士作出貢獻(是次工作坊扣除開支後所籌得之費用,用於為土瓜灣及紅磡區獨居及雙老同住長者送上「感恩月餅」。)


Rainbow Moon Cake Class has drawn to a successfully close.

It was a bright sunny day after a brief spell of stormy weather and the participants of the class were especially creative on this occasion, resulting in a cornucopia of fantastic culinary delights.

We would like to thank our chef, Mab Mak, who gave meticulous and professional instructions. We are equally grateful to the participants who joined us at this charity event. Special thanks are extended to Tasty Veggie who supported us by providing the venue. MS Women Club will continue to organise events and classes, aiming to offer participants opportunities to learn new skills and acquire new experience, whilst raising funds to help others in the community. The net income of this workshop will be donated to Gratitude Mooncake who distributes free mooncakes to elderly people living alone in Tokwawan and Hong Hom.


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